Revelation Series #771: The Final Years of Millennium 6: Fellowship On The Island Of Misfit Toys

by admin on October 12, 2017

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robin October 12, 2017 at 7:33 pm

The CLNT’s “shout of command” is not very concordant (nor very accurate), so, since this is our dramatic expectation, it only seems reasonable that we read the words of this as best we can …

“… that Same, the Lord,
in with~an~ordering, in with~a~voice of~a~chief-messenger, and in with~a~trumpet of~God,
He will descend from a~heaven,
and the dead [ones] in with~[the]~Anointed, they will up-stand, firstly. ” (~Robin,)


hoti autos ho kurios en keleusmati en phOnE archaggelou kai en salpiggi theou katabEsetai ap ouranou kai hoi nekroi en christO anastEsontai prOton

that {3754 CONJ} same
[One] {0846 P-NSM} the [One]
{3588 T-NSM} Lord {2962 N-NSM} in {1722 PREP} unto~an~ordering {2752 N-DSN} in
{1722 PREP} unto~a~voice/ unto~a~sound
{5456 N-DSF} of~a~chief-messenger
{0743 N-GSM} and {2532 CONJ} in {1722 PREP} unto~a~trumpet {4536
N-DSF} of~God {2316 N-GSM} He will descend {2597 V-FDI-3S} from {0575 PREP} of~a~heaven {3772 N-GSM} and
{2532 CONJ} the [ones] {3588 T-NPM} dead [ones] {3498 A-NPM} in {1722 PREP} unto~Anointed/ unto~Christ {5547 N-DSM} they will up-stand {0450 V-FMI-3P} firstly {4413 ADV-S}

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