Revelation Series #685:The Limited Era: Expect Glory, Not More Trials

by admin on June 14, 2017

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True11 June 22, 2017 at 8:21 pm

Martin mentions men leading their families out of ‘church’. But my situation is different. My husband- who I met and married in church 38 years ago-wants to go to church and it would bother him immensely if I didn’t go with him. So, for an hour and fifteen minutes every week I go there. He knows how much I disagree with some of the doctrine and has not tired to shut me down from speaking privately.
When Jesus speaks of bringing a sword, and mothers against daughters and fathers against sons- he leaves out anything about husbands against wives or vice versa. So, I am left with being a submissive wife who hopes that God doesn’t hold it against her when she is in ‘church’. Is there anything about this that someone can speak to?

S.D.R. June 23, 2017 at 1:20 am

Greetings, True11 ;
Foremost I would like to say that God holds nothing against you whatsoever .
My own legalistic dad and Grace Believing mom, in their 52 year marriage, had me think similar to the way you described your husband and yourself .
I am sure you know in Christ , if (and how much) your husband has a genuine interest in reading the bible together with you .
Praying about that , that as the word speaks to you from Christ , you may present it from Paul’s 14 books when reading the same with him — and while keeping this in mind ;
It is God’s gift in the first place , through circumcised ears and enlightened eyes of the heart , to bring realization of Eonian Life and Celestial Truth .
My initial trust is that your relationship be greatly enriched through the Expectation of the Snatching away Together… Despite decades of religious habit .
That ideal expectation will Strengthen your love for him and lighten any burden you experience .
Just as well , as you sense your chosen calling with the administration to head up all in the Christ . So your husband’s Calling may include your spirit to Educate him in the Family of the next eon .
Peaceful acceptance (known only by you) may Also include prayer that His placement be through the millenial earth .
Beyond Any event , it is God’s Immortal union that has much yet to Enjoy ; including the New earth Prior to the All in all .
Also please hear the word blessing you, to perceive that which is of the soul and that which is His Spirit ; May there be complete confidence in the difference .
Remembering ALL is out of God, and through Him, and Returns to Him .
That including even the most intimate relationships .
~ Peace and Grace ~

rodneyp June 21, 2017 at 4:47 am

I appreciate the work Martin is doing here regarding the “limited era”. This banging against the gong is not for those of us who are married any more than it is intended for the ones who are unmarried… His current voice (as well as the entire body of work he has done in the past years) is in regard to a view of reality, a view of this world, that determines what we are going to place value in… where do we focus… what do we look towards. That focus is GOD.

Will any of us sell our allotment for a bowl of meat when we hunger? Will we offer up our attention and faithfulness away from God for any of the distractions of this world? Would any of us love the current eon (era) enough to forsake the gospel of Paul? There are a number of people who stepped away from this gospel in Paul’s day. It’s actually easy to do… that is part of Zender’s current emphasis. Several of the smartest men he knows are wandering because they lost their primary focus on GOD.

I think Martin is making a point… the more subtle error is NOT that one pushes AWAY from the gospel of the this grace but that a person HOLDS ONTO good things that are distractions, and while holding to distraction we stumble (having limited means of gripping). I don’t think “Demas hath… departed unto Thessalonica, Crescens to Galatia, and Titus unto Dalmatia” because they were evil doers or even weak but only because it seemed expedient… they wanted to keep making progress and didn’t want to waste time waiting with Paul (when following him was beginning to look like it was a dead end).

If you have followed this over the years it is clear just how much Martin loves Clyde. This work he does to clarify this trap for US sucks for Martin everyday. Everyone who is poking this guy about what he is being compelled to do might consider being patient and introspective. Zender is making sure we get a clear picture of just how easy it is to HOLD ONTO the wrong thing… building a house, marriage, moving on with life, making progress, getting on with it… anything that becomes our focus… THAT is our focus. If it is anything but GOD we can slacken our grip on reality and buy into the delusion.

I “grew up” listening to Zender, Sheridan, and Pilkington as my first teachers… some of the smartest men of faith I have ever known… but I can see how easy it is to hold good things the wrong way. I hope to be made humble by observing the struggle of the faithful… (even the Jews killed their Messiah… they should have known better) all of us have our weakness and blind spots. God help us all.

Teach on Zender!

kdawg June 20, 2017 at 12:23 pm

For those who are not married, widowed, divorced and/or not contemplating marriage ever or ever again this line of “teaching” is of no value.

Can we not move on…PLEASE!

True11 June 19, 2017 at 5:35 pm

I’m really looking forward to hearing Martin’s take on the celestial event in September and anything else he wanted to relay to us about the end times. Thought we were trying to finish up around 700?
I never thought we were anywhere else but in a limited era but I guess this was a big question brought up by some.

S.D.R. June 15, 2017 at 12:38 am

Hey all you peoples out there . Type out your Voice !

….WHOOOEEEE , Father Keep it Revving inside Bro. Martin !

The >> I AM << in the PRESENT Tense has Spoken your Perfect PEACE .

Consoling not only to ye Ears ! ; yet unto ye spirit this Very Second !!

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