Revelation Series #626: Why The Gospel of the Circumcision Had To Come First

by admin on March 23, 2017

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robin March 23, 2017 at 7:38 pm

In light of your recent broadcast talking to the mild inheriting the earth, while we of other persuasions inherit the heavens, I was hoping you could comment on what it says in 1Timothy 2:2
“…so-that to~a~mild, and to~a~tranquil livelihood we should thoroughly-lead, in with~every well-reverence, and with~a~gravity.”

… but even the more intriguing question what is this great “secret” in Timothy 3:16 …
“And, avowedly great it be, the secret of~the well-reverence”

The CLNT reads the word as “devoutness,” but according to Titus 1:1 it appears to be the very basis of Paul’s very evangel?
” …to~a~recognition of~the truth according-to a~well-reverence”

And what’s even more intriguing, is that this … apparently important … word of truth;
that is, the word family for “devoutness” and/or “well-reverence” is never mentioned
by Paul in any of those other ten epistles … Most interesting, that, dont you think!


1:1 Paulos, a~slave of~God, yet an~apostle of~Yeshua Anointed, according-to a~trust of~God’s out-chosen [ones], and to~a~recognition of~the truth according-to a~well-reverence,

2:11* For, the grace of~the God, the saving [grace], she was on-illuminated unto~all men;

2:12 to~us disciplining, so-that to~the irreverence, and to~the regulating desires denying, soundly-disposed, even righteously, and well-reverently, we should live in with~the eon, now;

2:1 Therefore, I beside-call firstly of~all [matters], to~petitions, to~prayers, to~pleadings, [and] to~thankings to be done over all men,

2:2 over kings, and all of~the [ones] being in with~an~over-holding, so-that to~a~mild, and to~a~tranquil livelihood we should thoroughly-lead, in with~every well-reverence, and with~a~gravity.

3:16* And, avowedly great it be, the secret of~the well-reverence: In with~a~flesh God was manifested, in with~a~spirit He was made-righteous, unto~messengers He was seen, among with~nations He was heralded, in with~a~regulated-world He was trusted, in with~a~glory He was up-obtained.

4:7 Yet, to~the profane and to~anile myths be you refusing; yet, towards a~well-reverence to~yourself be you exercising.

4:8 For, towards a~little the bodily exercise she be a~beneficial [one]; yet, the well-reverence, towards all [things] she be a~beneficial [one]; to~a~promise of~life holding, the [life] now, and of~the [life] pending.

5:4 Yet, if any [one] a~widow, to~children or to~descendant [ones] she holds, to~the[ir] own household, firstly, be them learning to well-revere; and reciprocations to away-give unto~the progenitors, for, this be a~from-receivable [matter] in-sight of~the God.

6:3 If any [one] diversely-teaches, and he toward-comes no[t] with~words being healthy (with~the [words] of~Yeshua Anointed the Lord of~ours, and with~the teaching according-to a~well-reverence),

6:5* wranglings, of~men having had been thoroughly-corrupted, and to~the mind having had been deprived of~the truth; to~the well-reverence, an~acquisition of~inferring to be. Be you away-standing from the such [ones].

6:6 Yet, there be a~great acquisition, the well-reverence with self-sufficiency.

6:11* Yet you, Oh man of~the God, to~these [matters] be you fleeing; yet, to~a~righteousness, to~a~well-reverence, to~a~trust, to~a~love, to~an~under-abiding, to~a~forbearance be you pursuing.

3:5 to~a~form of~a~well-reverence holding, yet to~the power of~same [well-reverence] having had denied; and to~these [betrayers] be you away-turning.

3:12 Yet also, all the [ones] willing to live well-reverently in with~Anointed Yeshua, they will be pursued

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