Revelation Series #613: God Will Be Wiping Away Every Tear

by admin on March 6, 2017

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robin March 6, 2017 at 11:43 pm

Interesting verse (1Cor 10:11), and what you noted about our needing to envision our future as now being, helped me to justify (for myself) one translation over another. That is, the verb at the end of the verse is either Aorist (V-AAI) or Perfect (depending upon a choice of historical source texts), but if the Perfect tense (V-RAI), this would be descriptive of an action of an action having been completed once and for all time in the past, whereas the Aorist is more so the punctiliar action (“it occurred”), which it has, in God’s eye, even though for us, in the Body of Christ, it’s something yet to happen.

katEntEsen (Byzantine)
there had down-arrived {2658 V-AAI-3S}

katEntEken (Alexandrian)
there has had down-arrived {2658 V-RAI-3S}

Actually, there are three other source text variants in this verse, and it appears that the CLNT goes with the Alexandrian over the Byzantine in all cases … which is too bad, especially (I think), when they opt for the Adverb “tupikOs” (“typically”) over the Noun “tupoi” (“types”). That is, by doing so, they sort of obscure, to some extent, the previous lead-in statement in verse 11:6, where the source texts all agree with the reading of the Noun for “types” …

” Yet, these [things] had become [as] types of~ours, for’ the [matter] to~us, no[t] to be …”

Again, Martin, thanks for helping mentally me to see this verse more clearly; here’s my own reading of this (from the Byzantine Greek), and Yes, I have added the Adverb “[as]” in two places, but only because the Adverb “according-as” (“kathOs”) is used four times between the two “types”

“Yet, all these [things] were together-stepping [as] types unto~these-there [ones];
yet, towards us [as] an~admonition it was written,
for’ to~which, there had down-arrived the finishings of~the eons.” (~robin)

Ps. Again (as I offered some time before), if there are any nerds (like myself) among your audience, that would be interested in delving deeper into our apostle Paul’s words; down into the Pauline Greek weeds of the matter, I’d be more than happy to share my studies with you …

tauta de panta tupoi sunebainon ekeinois egraphE
de pros nouthesian hEmOn
eis hous ta telE tOn aiOnOn katEntEsen

these [things] {3778 D-NPN} yet {1161 CONJ} all [things] {3956 A-NPN} types {5179 N-NPM} they were together-stepping {4819 V-IAI-3P} unto~these-there [ones] {1565 D-DPM} it was written {1125 V-2API-3S} yet {1161 CONJ} towards {4314 PREP} to~an~admonition {3559 N-ASF} of~us {1473 P-1GP} for’/ into {1519 PREP} to~which [ones] {3739 R-APM} the [things] {3588 T-NPN} finishings {5056 N-NPN} of~the [ones] {3588 T-GPM} of~eons {0165 N-GPM} there had down-arrived {2658 V-AAI-3S}

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