Revelation Series #611: A Lesson In The Sovereignty of God

by admin on March 2, 2017

Nancy and me copy

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robin March 2, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Wishing Nancy well …

Here’s an interesting observation … the Greeks words for “healthy” are often used
in the three Pastorals, but not by Paul, in those other ten epistles … wonder why?

5198 GK5617 hugiainontOn (p1/1) of~being healthy V-PAP-GPM.5723
5198 GK5617 hugiainousin (p1/1) unto~being healthy V-PAP-DPM.5723
5198 GK5617 hugiainontas (p1/1) to~being healthy V-PAP-APM.5723
5198 GK5617 hugiainousEs (p1/1) of~being healthy V-PAP-GSF. 5723
5198 GK5617 hugiainousE (p3) unto~being healthy V-PAP-DSF.5723
5198 GK5617 hugiainOsin (p1/1) they should be healthy V-PAS-3P.5725

5199 GK5618 hugiE (1) to~a~healthy [one] A-ASM.04

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