Revelation Series #610: When God Dwells With Humanity

by admin on March 1, 2017


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robin March 1, 2017 at 8:04 pm

As much as Paul talks to our walk … walks the talk (33 times) … it’s sort of interesting
that this is never addressed, as such, in the three so-called Pastoral epistles …Ummmm?

1704 GK1853 emperipatEsO (~p1~) I will among-about-walk V-FAI-1S.5692

4043 GK4344 periepatEsamen (p1/1) we had about-walked V-AAI-1P.5656
4043 GK4344 periepatEsate (p2) you had about-walked V-AAI-2P.5656
4043 GK4344 peripatEsai (p3) to about-walk V-AAN.5658
4043 GK4344 peripatEsOmen (p3) we should about-walk V-AAS-1P.5661
4043 GK4344 peripatoumen (p1/1) we about-walk V-PAI-1P.5719
4043 GK4344 peripateis (1) you about-walk V-PAI-2S.5719
4043 GK4344 peripateite (p2) you about-walk V-PAI-2P.5719
4043 GK4344 peripatei (1) it about-walks V-PAI-3S.5719
4043 GK4344 peripatousin (1) they about-walk V-PAI-3P.5719
4043 GK4344 peripateite (p5) be you about-walking V-PAM-2P.5720
4043 GK4344 peripateito (p1/1) be him about-walking V-PAM-3S.5720
4043 GK4344 peripatein (2) to about-walk V-PAN.5721
4043 GK4344 peripatountes (2) about-walking V-PAP-NPM.5723
4043 GK4344 peripatountos (1) of~about-walking V-PAP-GSM.5723
4043 GK4344 peripatousin (2) unto~about-walking V-PAP-DPM.5723
4043 GK4344 peripatountas (3) to~about-walking V-PAP-APM.5723
4043 GK4344 peripatEte (1) you should about-walk V-PAS-2P.5725

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