Revelation Series #607: Entering Into The New Heaven

by admin on February 24, 2017

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robin February 26, 2017 at 9:16 pm

Words matter and they have specific meanings…. and this is the very thrust of how you are explaining Revelations to us, Martin, but a friend of mine has just recently used something you said in series #418 to justify a particular doctrinal slant, which I think is a bit off kilter …

That is, in $#418 you talk about this so-called …”living death,” and, I for one, have no idea how these two words can possibly be accurately used together, let alone to be used in support of some doctrine?

Do you happen to read any of the feedback comments, here … you do reply to emails, but it doesn’t appear that keep track of these comments/ feedback?

robin February 24, 2017 at 5:52 pm

“5:17* As-so, if any [one] [be] in with~Anointed,
a~new creation [be]:
The beginning [things] had beside-come;
be you regarding,
there has had become the all new [things].” (~robin)

“So that, if any[one] [is] in Christ,
[there is a] new creation:
The primitive passed by,
Lo! [there] has come new!” (CLNT)

As you say, Martin, this is the “money verse” …
But, being so, I thought it important enough to look even closer at it; that is you are using the CLNT; however, it’s a valid exercise to even look closer at the words (God’s words to us via Paul) …

…”word quarrels” Robin?

As Sargent Joe Friday use to say, “Just the facts, ma’am” …

The above asterisk indicates that there are some minor variations between the Alexandrian and Byzantine source texts (if you’re really interested, I’d be more than happy to show these to you); but all I really wanted to share, is that although the CLNT is a good reading, it could still be improved upon … something that hasn’t happened in almost 40 years (in the Concordant wilderness of AEK fixation).

…”word quarrels” Robin?

Call it what you will, but going on two generations is a long time to wait for an upgraded CLNT version;
sometimes a person’s patience just tends to wear a little thin …

That is, it’s due time for
…”The primitive passed by” …
and an even more literal and accurate (New CLNT)…
…”The beginning [things] had beside-come” …

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