Revelation Series #580: Romans and Revelation: The Case of All Humanity

by admin on January 18, 2017

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robin January 19, 2017 at 5:47 am

Took the Greek out … he does like his pasta … so not so nitty-gritty, but Zender’s mantra of “expose, rebuke, entreat” had me going back over that underlying imperative that the CLNT reads as “entreat,” and I’m not yet convinced that “be you beside-calling” isn’t the better reading … by the way, all three of those words/verb are second person imperatives, so being consistent, the mantra would be better said as … “be you exposing; be you rebuking; be you beside-calling”

4:2 “To~the word be you heralding; be you on-standing, well-seasonally [or] un-seasonally;
be you exposing; be you rebuking; be you beside-calling
in with~every long-temperament, and teaching.” (~Robin)

be you heralding {2784 V-AAM-2S} to~the [one] {3588 T-ASM} to~a~word {3056 N-ASM} be you on-standing {2186 V-2AAM-2S} well-seasonally {2122 ADV} un-seasonally {0171 ADV} be you exposing {1651 V-AAM-2S} be you rebuking {2008 V-AAM-2S} be you beside-calling {3870 V-AAM-2S} in {1722 PREP} unto~every [one] {3956 A-DSF} unto~a~long-temperment {3115 N-DSF} and {2532 CONJ} unto~a~teaching {1322 N-DSF}

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