Revelation Series #482: Loving the Current Eon

by admin on September 2, 2016

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gsfretired01 September 2, 2016 at 1:57 pm

Good one Brother Martin it is interesting that even now if you are a friend of Paul (rightly divide the word of truth most religious people want nothing to do with you. I remember when I was a young man (ok younger than I am now) I was attending a Presbyterian church ( haven’t fully understood the difference between Gods earthly people and His plan for the Body of Christ. Well one day after study of Pauls epistles I was noticing that he was saying a lot of things that the other apostles were not teaching and in one service I turned to the people I sat with and said if Paul is the apostle to the gentiles why doesn’t the preacher ever teach out of the epistles of Paul and they just looked at me as if I was some type of nut. Well in the message the teacher gave he used one verse from the book of Ephesians to support all the doctrine he was trying to teach which had nothing to do with the Gospel of the Grace of God. Well they turned to me and said see we teach from Paul too and went to sit some place else. Well then I looked at them like thy were nuts. (Time to move on) God bless you and keep the messages coming!

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