Revelation Series #466: The Kingdom Comes With Great Observation

by admin on August 11, 2016

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robin August 11, 2016 at 5:12 pm

Good Shows, of late …This one reminds me, for some reason, of a verse from 2Corinthians, which I was attempting to read, direclty from the Byzantine Greek. My reading is a bit different from those you will find in any other translation, the main difference being a slight rearrangement of the syntax; see if you can identify where I’ve done this, and ask yourself if it doesn’t make the verse more alive:

“That, the God, the [One] having declared: OUT OF DARKNESS A LIGHT TO SHINE;
which [One] had shown in the hearts of ours, in [the] face of Yeshua Anointed,
towards an enlightening of the knowledge of the glory of the God.” (~Robin)

Note: the asterisked verse number indicates that there are source texts variations between the Byzantine and Alexandrian source texts (the ninth Greek word, and the second to last word);
however, these are not the difference in syntax (word order), which I wanted to bring to your attention … The quote, by the way, is Paul’s paraphrasing of what’s said in Gen 1:2-4

“hoti ho theos ho eipOn ek skotous phOs lampsai hos elampsen en tais kardiais hEmOn pros phOtismon tEs gnOseOs tEs doxEs tou theou en prosOpO iEsou christou”

that {3754 CONJ} the [One] {3588 T-NSM} God {2316 N-NSM} the [One] {3588 T-NSM} having declared {3004 V-2AAP-NSM} out {1537 PREP} of a darkness {4655 N-GSN} a light {5457 N-NSN} to shine {2989 V-AAN} which [One] {3739 R-NSM} He had shown {2989 V-AAI-3S} in {1722 PREP} unto the [ones] {3588 T-DPF} unto hearts {2588 N-DPF} of ours/ of us {1473 P-1GP} towards {4314 PREP} to an enlightening {5462 N-ASM} of the [one] {3588 T-GSF} of a knowledge {1108 N-GSF} of the [one] {3588 T-GSF} of a glory {1391 N-GSF} of the [One] {3588 T-GSM} of God {2316 N-GSM} in {1722 PREP} unto a face {4383 N-DSN} of Yeshua/ of Jesus {2424 N-GSM} of Anointed/ of Christ {5547 N-GSM}

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