Revelation Series #300: Paul For the Last Trump, John For The Seventh

by admin on December 18, 2015

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gsfretired01 December 18, 2015 at 2:05 pm

Some would say the last two days messages may be a little disconnected but I say they are fantastic and what is needed the difference between Israels trumps and the Body of Christ last trump one that many many many will hear and one that only the Body of Christ will hear. As far as the Body of Christ being missed even those of my own family and ?friends because of that which I believe along with you all (the reconciliation of all) will not even know I was even alive! I hate funerals because it seems as if just as soon as somebody dies they all of a sudden become believers no mater what they believed in the past and go to heaven to watch over those left on the earth, what a bunch of foolish human and church doctrine (heaven or hell) God bless you Martin and keep on keeping on teaching the truth no mater the cost! Your fellow believer George

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